Support us

Want to help support KCB and keep the music playing?

PLANT A GARDEN! Garden Seed Sale 

Plant a garden and help KCB. You can help us by buying our fundraising seeds from “Make is Sow” seed company by clicking HERE and enter the group code KCB_2024 before the deadline: March 17th (St.Patrick’s day). You can order and pay online and the seeds will be delivered to the band and distributed to our supporters. To collect your seeds you can come to a rehearsal in Kirkland, or you can contact us to arrange a meeting place. “But I live out of town……..”

TOO FAR? You live out of town but would still like to support KCB? No problem, we have another fundraiser which is delivered straight to your door.

TO A CLEANER WORLD! Eco Laundry Strips Sale

Are you saddened by all the plastic going to landfills, or just tired of hauling heavy containers of laundry detergent that are mostly water? Then help support KCB by ordering, online, your eco-friendly laundry detergent strips from “Tru Earth” by clicking HERE. Order and pay online and they will be delivered to your door. Shipping is free on orders over $30.

I just want to SUPPORT THE BAND

You don’t have a garden and you don’t do laundry? We won’t ask questions! But you’d still like to help the band? Then you can make a donation online HERE. We are a NON-PROFIT organization but NOT a registered charity so we cannot issue tax receipts. Thanks for understanding!

Whichever way you choose, we THANK YOU and we appreciate your support more than you know!