An amateur community wind orchestra in Montreal's West Island since 1984
Kirkland Concert Band

Kirkland Concert Band Virtual Project

Comfort and Joy


Before you begin, please download and read the general instructions which apply to all KCB virtual projects.

The deadline for this project is November 30, 2020. Recordings received after this date may not be used.

There are twoversions of the audio file. Please use whichever one you find easiest to work with.

Musical Instructions

The audio track also contains instructions at the beginning, then you have the tune with a click track and Steven counting out the bar numbers every so often.

  • Tuning A441. Check your tuning across the range of your instrument.
  • Take note of the following time signatures and tempo changes:
bar time signature metronome marking
1 4/4 96
8 (still 4/4) 76
30 3/4 144
86 4/4 112
Additionally, the rit. at bar 103 slows from 112 to 96.
  • Key changes: Bar 63, Bar 86
  • The piece starts with a beat four pickup from trumpets and trombones. All other wind instruments enter on beat two in the first full bar, or on beat one in bar 2. Count this carefully (and listen carefully to the play-along audio track) to ensure that you start in the right place.
  • Flutes, oboes and clarinets: please listen carefully to the play-along audio track at bar 2 to get a sense of how quickly the sextet figures should be played. They're not as fast as you probably expect.
  • Alto saxes have horn cues ar bar 24 (2nd alto) and bar 26 (1st alto). Please play them in case they're needed, although they'll be omitted from the final edit if it turns out that we don't need them.
  • Be aware that melody entrances are staggered in places. For example, at bar 21 the trumpets start playing the melody, clarinets enter halfway through the bar, and flutes at bar 22. This is deliberate; please don't feel like your entrances are late just because they don't match what the other instruments are doing. Count carefully!
  • The syncopated figures starting at bar 73 in the windwinds (and in bar 63 and again starting at bar 78 in the brass section) should have a 6/8 style lilt or feel.