Kirkland Concert Band: An amateur community wind orchestra in Montreal's West Island since 1984.
Kirkland Concert Band


KCB is looking for amateur musicians!
  • Do you play a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument?
  • Do you read music?
  • Live in the Greater Montreal area?
  • Want to meet other musicians and have fun?

KCB might be the place for you!

Even if you haven’t played your instrument for years or even decades, you probably can get back into the swing of things again with a little patience and a little practice.  We at KCB are very accepting of this because most of us have been where you are.  We’re a warm and friendly group and we have an informal social (once a month) after rehearsals, and after many of our concerts as well.

Potential band members:
  • Should own an instrument and know how to play it (there is no audition)
  • Should be available to rehearse Wednesday evenings from 7:30 to 10:00 pm
  • May come to experience playing with us for up to 4 rehearsals before joining

Our music is mostly intermediate level, so don't be afraid to come try us out.

Please Contact Us for more info.


As a condition of membership all members are expected to conform with the following guidelines (download member brochure):


All musicians must pay annual membership dues in order to be eligible to play with the band. Dues for this year are $80 payable by the end of September. Student dues are $40. New members joining in January or later may pay half (first year only).
We do not want to exclude anyone in financial difficulty. If you are experiencing financial difficulty, please confidentially approach someone on the band executive (listed here) and we will work out a suitable arrangement.


Rehearsals take place at:
Kirkland Park Chalet, 81 Park Ridge, Kirkland H9J 1R1

  • members are expected to be at rehearsal, with music and stand set up, in time to start at 7:30 PM
  • rehearsals run until approximately 9:45 PM
  • during rehearsals, members are expected to devote full attention to the Musical Director;
  • members are expected to be in possession of a pencil at all rehearsals and concerts.
  • regular attendance at all rehearsals and concerts is expected of all members;
  • if a member cannot attend either a rehearsal or a concert, the membership coordinator must be notified as far in advance as possible of the impending absence. This is of particular importance for concerts.

Members are expected to work at developing their musicianship by practicing the band’s music between rehearsals and taking steps to master any technical difficulties in the music.