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Kirkland Concert Band

Kirkland Concert Band Virtual Project

Newfoundland Folk Song & Petty Harbour Bait Skiff


Before you begin, please download and read the general instructions which apply to all KCB virtual projects.

This project has two parts: Newfoundland Folk Song and Petty Harbour Bait Skiff. Please record and upload each piece separately.

The deadline for this project is March 8th, 2021. Recordings received after this date may not be used.

Here are the links to download the audio files:

Musical Instructions for Newfoundland Folk Song

  • This piece should be performed in a cantabile, lyrical style. To that effect, breathe only at the end of phrase markings.
  • Articulation should be legato, with care given to notes of the same pitch so that the notes do not sound like one long note.
  • Woodwinds should pay particularly should be careful with intonation throughout unison passages.
  • The trumpet counter-melody volume between 32 and 44 should balance the upper woodwinds. Low brass accents between 32 and 42 are reinforcing a pyramid effect.
  • Percussion should emphasize crescendo and decrescendo markings, especially at bar 51 suspended cymbal crescendo to forte.
  • The section starting at bar 52 should feel like it's being played in one. This lasts until the end of that section at bar 69.
  • The final fermata note should be held for 6 beats with a fade.
  • The starting tempo is 102 bpm, but the tempo varies, so please practice with the reference recording and be careful to match what you hear.

Musical Instructions for Petty Harbour Bait Skiff

  • The same cantabile style, articulation, balance, and intonation guidance applies.
  • In measures 3 to 6, beat 1 should be slightly weighted.
  • The starting tempo is 76 bpm, but as in Newfoundland Folk Song the tempo varies. Once again, please be careful to follow the reference recording.