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Kirkland Concert Band



The Starlight Foundation is an international non-profit organization formed in 1983, dedicated to granting wishes to critically, chronically, or terminally ill children.

One of the many fund-raising activities they conduct in Canada is "Flights for Starlight", a series of $100-per-seat sight-seeing flights in a fully refurbished Lockheed Electra 10A aircraft (shown in flight in the photograph, autographed by its pilots).

Starlight Lockheed

These flights take place in several cities across Canada. Since July 1995, the Kirkland Concert Band has been invited to perform (on the ground -- the 10A only seats eight passengers :-) for flights leaving from Montreal's Dorval Airport. Doing so has been a lot of fun, and gives us an opportunity to participate in a truly worthwhile endeavour.


Starlight Band   Starligt Band

The gentleman you see conducting the band in the photograph is not our regular musical director. In fact, we're being guest conducted by one of CF-TCC's two pilots. This picture was taken in July 1996.

The Lockheed Electra 10A is a variation of the plane flown by Amelia Earhart. The particular one you see above is designated CF-TCC, and is one of the first five such aircraft acquired in 1937 by the then newly-formed Trans-Canada Air Lines (the company which later became Air Canada).

CF-TCC didn't spend very much time on the ground on this particular day in July 1995, but we managed to catch it between flights. :-)